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Why do I need video at my next gala?

Try to think of the last gala or awards dinner or benefit auction that you attended. Was it boring? Exciting? Mundane? Fun? Think for a minute about what things/people made it fun…what things/people made it boring or awkward?

Creating Videos with "Share Power"

Scroll thru your avg FB or twitter feed and what do you notice most? I notice a sea of videos and photos – the viral ones…the kind you seem to see EVERYBODY sharing or retweeting. They all have one thing in common – “shareability”. My spell check says that word doesn’t exist in the dictionary, but I’m betting it will be one day soon. Here’s why: when it comes to the difference between internet videos that are seen and those that no one knows exists, shareability is all that matters.

Hercules Helping - Case Study - Story in Action

In March of 2016 we were approached to help a company convey a message to it's employees about it's charitable giving. The President wanted to help employees understand that the giving that takes place, wasn't just about giving money, it was about seeing lives changed.